NGX Infinity Jukebox


Every AMI jukebox is crafted to stand out from the crowd, but the NGX Infinity takes the music experience to a new level with attitude, style, and a fully integrated speaker system that’s ready to rock.



Dimensions: H: 68.5”, W: 28”, D: 25”
Weight: 400lbs (uncrated)

Technical Details
23.8” wide HD touchscreen display for music selection and promotions.
Upper and lower LED Customizable Infinity Lighting dances to the beat of the music.
1,000 Watt, 2-Channel Amp System.
Built-in Sound System with (1) 12” Powered Subwoofer, (2) 6” Mid-Bass Speakers, and (2) Tweeter Speakers.
Core computer package includes the motherboard, power supply, and I/O controller, plus a solid-state hard drive pre-installed with configurable selections of locally stored music.
Audio output transformer provides external speaker taps (including 70 volt).
Wired and IR wireless remote controls.
Credit card reader and single or dual CPI bill acceptor, the industry’s most modular note validation system (each BA with 700 bill capacity) (contact your distributor for Canadian and International options).
Hard-wired broadband Internet connection required.

Additional Purchasing Options
Add music capabilities with AMI’s Music Video Upgrade Kit. This easy-to-install kit enables the NGX Infinity to connect to nearby televisions so you can promote your jukebox, promote your business, and play music videos. Use our Infinity Mounting Kit to easily attach a TV to your Infinity jukebox! (1×2 Video Splitter Kit available).
Upgrade your NGX Infinity sound system from 2-channel to 4-channel with our Amplifier Upgrade Kit.
Go wireless with Verizon Wireless Aircards (not to be combined with Music Video Upgrade Kit).
Second audio output transformer.
Wireless router
Money meter
Special event switch
IR transmitter


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