Mario Bro’s Arcade


Original Release: April 4, 1983



Mario Bros. is a platform game developed and published for arcades by Nintendo in 1983. It was designed by Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, Nintendo’s chief engineer. Italian-American plumber Mario and his brother Luigi exterminate creatures emerging from the sewers by knocking them upside-down and kicking them away. It is part of the Mario franchise, but originally began as a spin-off from the Donkey Kong series.

The arcade and Famicom/Nintendo Entertainment System versions were received positively by critics. Elements introduced in Mario Bros. such as spinning bonus coins, turtles which can be flipped onto their backs, and Luigi were carried over to Super Mario Bros. (1985) and became staples of the series.

An updated version of Mario Bros. is included as a mini game in all of the Super Mario Advance series and numerous other games. Mario Bros. has been re-released through Nintendo’s online stores for later systems.



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